Home page for NSSA's U11 C3 Girls Team #1


Season Expectations
For our Players, Parents and Families.
We have a few expectations for players, parents and families.  Please be sure you read and understand them to avoid any confusion.
1.       Be on time.  We need to maximize the amount of time and effort put into training.  If you cannot be at a session, or if you will be late, let your coach know.  Be mindful and prepared.
2.       Be a positive teammate.  If there is but one ingredient found in every successful team, it is a strong sense of team.  Even through all our efforts to challenge and push each other, you are a team; you are teammates.  As long as this remains strong, we can accomplish anything.
3.       Be willing.  Be willing to truly be focused on developing your skills.  Be willing to fail, to look bad and to admit when you do not know something.  Then, be willing to work on it.
While we again expect a very smooth and supportive effort this season, we want to established expectations for our parents and families.  These are every bit as important as the ones we provide our players:
1.       Be a positive pillar.  Your daughter will be challenged and pushed hard this year.  Her coaches will be both honest and direct as we agree to respect each other as we work together to improve.  It will be extremely helpful for you to be there to provide additional encouragement and to be a comfortable pillar to lean on.  Support her. 
2.       Coaches will coach.  We appreciate your enthusiasm but will expect that you do not direct the players, even your daughter, when she’s on the field.  She will focus their heads and ears to be listening to their teammates and their coach, not mom or dad.
3.       Referees are off-limits.  We understand the dynamics of the game and know how to best communicate with the referees.  We assure you, we will fight for the safety and well-being of our players each and every game.  When you are on the sideline, we expect you will not shout at the referees; as this will only serve to compromise our efforts and put us at risk.
4.       Positively represent us all.  We expect our parents and families to represent our team, our families, your daughter and the girls of everyone on the team with class, dignity and respect.  We do not expect to see or hear of conflicts or angry discussions with other parents (ours or theirs), referees or other players.
5.       Ask a question, expect an answer.  If you ever have a question about what your daughter should be doing, or how she can continue to improve, just ask. The coach will encourage your daughter to ask questions when she is confused or needing more direction.
With these simple expectations, we can all remain focused on getting the most out of the season.